• Underground Electrical Equipment

    Our firm executes studies in conjunction with Elgor+Hansen S.A., an affiliate of KOPEX Group, Poland, particularly on underground electrical equipment. Elgor+Hansen S.A is a leading

  • Mechanized Longwall

    Our firm currently executes studies on underground coal mining longwall mechanized systems in conjunction with Ostroj Co. Inc., the Czech Republic. Ostroj Co. Inc. is a leading…

  • Underground Driller Loader

    Our firm executes studies with DUVAS –UNI s.r.o., the Czech Republic, on production of drilling equipment, underground electro-hydraulic driller and loader machinery, ripping shovel and TH/GI profile bending and straightening machine.


Our Mission

Creating products and services to create value beyond customer expectations, being an exemplary and pioneering organization within the sector.

Our Vision

  • Taking unconditional customer satisfaction as basis at all times and everywhere,
  • Adopting quality as a lifestyle,
  • Working by creating value in the norms of business ethics and corporate culture,
  • Being an exemplary firm and sustaining this position by constantly growing towards the same target, along with our customers and suppliers at home and abroad.


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